Differentiated approach to private equity in Africa


Strategic Africa Investment Group (“SAIG” – pronounced “sage”) is an Africa-focused investment group that seeks to be the leading alternative investment manager on the continent, with activities across Direct Private Equity | Private Debt | Co-Investments | Fund Investments

SAIG seeks to capitalize on the Africa consumer growth strory. The emergence of the African consumer presents several investment opportunities for investors able to navigate the landscape. Supply-demand dynamics due to Covid-19 and shifting Africa PE market has further enhanced the opportunity. Investors can acquire first-world quality assets with robust growth potential at attractive prices – 2020/21 stands to be a strong vintage for African private equity investors

Private Equity

Our private equity practice pursues direct growth equity or leveraged buyout transactions in various formats. We execute transactions either through commingled vehicles are bespoke separate accounts

Private Debt

Africa has a very high cost of capital in general, even for good payors. This provides a wide playing field for private debt instruments with the potential for high yield and limited volatility


SAIG also invests alongside established managers. This approach helps to reduce investment costs, all while accessing the top expertise available

Fund of Funds

Finally, we also invest as a fund of funds. We invest in funds as a limited partner. These funds can be either established managers or emerging managers, where SAIG comes in through a primary or secondary transaction

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